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1st Theater Sustainment Command

News Stories

364th ESC deploys to assume enduring Operational Command Post Mission

By Maj. James Delongchamp | 1st Theater Sustainment Command | April 15, 2024


364th Expeditionary Sustainment Command deployed from Fort Cavazos, Texas as a pre-planned regular rotation of forces in support of 1st TSC, U.S. Army Central, and U.S. Central Command throughout the middle east.

364th ESC will replace 13th Armored Corps Sustainment Command as the 1st TSC’s operational command post, which is trained to be flexible, scalable, and tailorable by design. The rotational ESC is the 1st TSC’s permanent forward deployed presence, combined with rotational augmentation from 1st TSC’s Main Command Post from Fort Knox, KY. These two rotational elements combine to form what is known as the 1st TSC OCP. The OCP is responsible for executing routine sustainment mission command across the USCENTCOM theater in coordination with the 1st TSC MCP.

364th ESC is an Army Reserve unit coming from Marysville, Washington and trained extensively for this mission with the 1st TSC MCP and 34th Division Sustainment Brigade, enabled by the 4th Cavalry Multi-Functional Training Brigade at Fort Knox during their culminating training event in February and received additional mobilization training at Fort Cavazos last week prior to deploying. The 364th has experience serving in the middle east since the global war on terror. 364th most recently deployed to the USCENTCOM area of responsibility in 2011, where they organized and executed Presidential directives and the responsible drawdown of approximately 68,000 troops from Iraq. During their tour, they coordinated and executed the movement of approximately 96,869 personal equipment bags, and 10,000 containers out of the country.

The 13th ACSC and 364th ESC will plan a formal Transfer of Authority Ceremony to commemorate a long-standing U.S. military tradition that marks the official passing of the torch from the outgoing unit to the incoming one.

1st Theater Sustainment Command is America’s only permanently deployed Sustainment Command in the Middle East that works alongside host nation allies and regional security partners to provide Army, Joint, and multinational sustainment solutions in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility to deliver predictive and precise joint logistics, human resources, finance, health service support, and contracting capabilities to set and sustain the theater for multi-domain operations in competition or crisis.