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1st Theater Sustainment Command

Our Mission

The 1st Theater Sustainment Command provides sustainment mission command and executes anticipatory operational-level sustainment support to Army, Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Forces; sets the theater; and conducts theater security cooperation within the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility in order to enable unified land operations in support of Combatant Command directives.

We provide sustainment to USCENTCOM and U.S. Army Central (USARCENT) for all U.S. Army forces in the USCENTCOM area of responsibility, to include Combined Joint Task Force - Iraq, and Task Force Sinai in Egypt. We coordinate with USARCENT to produce military plans, improve relationships and interoperability with partner nations through exercises, and facilitate the seamless transition of joint forces in and out of the theater.

Lines of Effort

Our Focus



We conduct sustainment preparation of the theater in order to shape the operational environment, deter aggression, and establish conditions for the execution of strategic plans.



Our focus on modernization will provide Soldiers and units the unmatched lethality in order to win our nation's wars and come home safely. We promote a culture of innovation, discipline, and accountability in order to ensure the equipment and supplies are ready for operations wherever and whenever they are needed.


Resetting the theater is about readiness, which ensures that our Soldiers have what they need to be lethal and ready to fight, survive, and win. Sustainment preparation of the theater ensures the capability of our forces to conduct the full range of military operations to defeat all enemies regardless of the threats they pose.


We strive to build and maintain key diplomatic and military relationships across the Middle East region to improve sustainment interoperability, build partnerships, and increase access across the USCENTCOM area of responsibility.


We seek to enhance our professional relationships, training, and overall coordination with our allies and partners. Our allies and partners provide unique perspectives, regional relationships, and information that improve our understanding of the operational environment.

Interoperability is a priority for operational concepts, modular force elements, communications, information sharing, and equipment. Training opportunities (or exercises) promote interoperability between the Army, other services, our allies and partners by allowing us to collect and share lessons learned and best practices. These lessons and practices are then implemented to ensure seamless, effective combat operations.

We continuously provide what the warfighter needs before they know they need it. We enable the Joint Force Commander the flexibility needed while taking the fight to the enemy. 

Mobilizing a globally engaged Army requires complex synchronization to effectively move equipment and materiel. First Team is a key enabler of Army force projection, supporting Army readiness within the CENTCOM AOR.


Equipping warfighters at the speed necessary to ensure overmatch – requires unity of command, effort, and purpose from idea to prototype to fielding.

  The forces we support must possess the capabilities – and be prepared to fight integrated with the Joint Force across multiple domains and through contested areas – to deter potential adversaries, and should deterrence fail, rapidly defeat them – now and into the future.

We provide trained and ready personnel and mission capable equipment able to operate in multiple environments across the spectrum of conflict. 



Readiness depends on Soldiers living the Army Ethic - including the Army Values - to make them trusted professionals of character, competence and commitment.



The Army Profession requires continuous learning, including a constant recommitment to the Army Values as Soldiers grow in their responsibilities, rank and roles.