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1st Theater Sustainment Command

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STB, 1st TSC completes command post exercise

By Pfc. Cecilia Soriano | 1st Theater Sustainment Command | April 25, 2022


Soldiers assigned to the Special Troops Battalion, 1st Theater Sustainment Command conducted a command post exercise April 18- 21, 2022 here.

According to Lt. Col. Brian Kibitlewski, battalion commander, STB, 1st TSC, the exercise ensures that the 1st TSC maintains its readiness to execute theater sustainment support for the joint force in the United States Central Command area of responsibility.

“The command post exercise demonstrates how we would deploy in support of large scale operations to enable the 1st TSC’s staff and commanding general the ability to direct subordinate units in a forward location,” Kibitlewski said.

On order, the STB deploys and establishes 1st TSC command posts facilitating mission command, internal administration, logistics support, and security for assigned, attached, and subordinate units.

“With the ongoing mission in the U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility, these exercises are essential for the unit’s success,” Kibitlewski said.

The STB CPX also simulated the stresses Soldiers will face during combat. The scenarios in the CPX created opportunities for leadership development and mentorship of Soldiers.

“At the end of the day, the Soldiers are our combat power in the Army. If you don't focus on making sure that your people are ready, they will not be able to accomplish the missions that are given to them,” Kibitlewski added.

The STB’s leaders also took the opportunity to convey the importance of the unit’s mission to the CENTCOM AOR.

“I want the Soldiers to gain an overall better understanding of how the STB can support the 1st TSC in an operational environment outside of the main command post and be able to provide the necessary support to enable the 1st TSC to continue their mission,” explained Cpt. Joshua Price, S3 officer in charge, STB, 1st TSC.

The STB CPX allowed leaders and their Soldiers to identify potential problems and how develop solutions.

“We do the planning for fuel, food, and life support,” said Staff Sgt. Levi Gadson, S4 noncommissioned officer in charge, 1st TSC. “We supply everything for the unit to be able to sustain its mission.”

“We had a battle drill responding to a casualty. My section filled out the casualty feeder card and took accountability of all personnel,” said Pvt. Katelyn James, human resource specialist, STB,1st TSC.

All of the Soldiers who participated in the STB CPX play a key role in enabling the 1st TSC to provide CENTCOM the flexibility to take the fight to the enemy anywhere in the world.

“It’s important to make sure that we, as a unit, are able to correctly conduct our mission essential tasks and that our Soldiers can execute their specific Military Occupational Specialties,” Kibitlewski said.