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1st Theater Sustainment Command

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1st TSC fortifies relationship with Fort Knox NEC through internship

By Barbara Gersna | 1st Theater Sustainment Command | April 13, 2022


The 1st Theater Sustainment Command and the Local Network Enterprise Center - Fort Knox joined forces to create a learning opportunity for Soldiers with a new internship program.

Lt. Col. Shanna Hendrix, assistant chief of staff, G-6, 1st TSC, initiated the internship program for Soldiers working in her section.

“I have seen similar programs at other installations that serve as a benefit for the Soldier, unit, and the local NEC,” she said.

Hendrix hopes that this internship serves as an opportunity to develop 1st TSC information technology Soldiers into more well-rounded IT professionals by exposing them to new environments and personnel.

Personnel who work at the LNECK monitor cybersecurity, answer help desk support tickets, and provide compliance as well as helping 1st TSC reimage computers.

Spc. Jostin Melendez, information technology specialist, 1st TSC, is the first Soldier from the 1st TSC’s G-6 section to intern with the LNECK.

“Melendez was selected because he is a known performer,” said Capt. Jeffrey Garner, information systems officer, 1st TSC.

“I know he will absorb the information because he wants to learn and grow, and 1st TSC will benefit having a liaison in house at the LNECK.

“We currently communicate with them on the phone and through Microsoft Teams, but now we will have someone there to help strengthen our relationship,” Garner said.

Garner hoped that Melendez would learn from the experience and build stronger relationships with our team there while gaining increased technical expertise from the hands-on experience, and that’s exactly what he did.

Melendez was already familiar with the LNECK because he was goes there several times a month to help resolve 1st TSC issues. However, during his internship he worked and trained there daily.

“I actually learned how to do my job during this internship,” he said.

The Philadelphia native learned cybersecurity and how to resolve computer issues using the Army’s Remedy Ticket System on a much larger scale.

“I look at this internship as a great opportunity to grow my knowledge and learn my job so that I can help resolve more computer issues at the unit level,” Melendez said.

Now nearing the completion of his internship, Melendez has a greater understanding of the Remedy Ticket System.

“It’s used Army-wide and allows anybody working for the Army to create a help ticket,” he said. “Then we solve their issues remotely and communicate through email or phone. I was supporting all of Fort Knox working at the LNECK.”

Melendez was familiar with the Remedy Ticket System from his work at 1st TSC, but his internship provided him with more in-depth knowledge.

“I learned how to properly operate systems, fix emails, and how to create accounts,” he explained.

He believes that the main objective was for him to learn how to resolve more technology issues here at the 1st TSC without much latency.

“The technicians at the LNECK receive so many calls a day, so when we can take some of that pressure off ourselves, it just makes things run a lot smoother,” Melendez said.

The information technology specialist believes that this new internship program is beneficial to him, his team, and the 1st TSC as a whole, and recommends that every G-6 Soldier does the internship if given the opportunity.

“I am glad I had this opportunity, and I plan to continue with my career working in this field, more specifically doing cybersecurity and networking,” he said. “I believe that I can make a big change in that area, and I really enjoy what I do here.”

Melendez said that his internship gave him a great understanding on how to be a technician.

“I learned a lot and am glad that I did it,” he said. “I was excited to see that we are all one team.”

“Soldiers participating in the program get an opportunity to ‘peek behind the curtain’ and better understand the how and why of current IT-related processes at a higher level,” Hendrix concluded.

“During the internship, they get to establish their credibility and professional links to their higher-level counterparts,” the G-6 officer said.

Hendrix believe this will pay dividends in the future by moving 1st TSC initiatives forward in a timely manner.

First Team will select one Soldier to intern at the LNECK every three months. Spc. Logan Johnson, information technology specialist, recently began his internship in April and will be at the LNECK through June.