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1st Theater Sustainment Command

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BOSS Program connects ‘First Team’ Soldiers with activities and each other

By Barbara Gersna, 1st Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs | 1st Theater Sustainment Command | February 08, 2022


Single Soldiers serving with the 1st Theater Sustainment Command have the opportunity to participate in the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program here.

The mission of the BOSS program is to enhance the morale and welfare of single Soldiers, increase retention and sustain combat readiness.

“The BOSS program is facilitated through its three core components aimed at maintaining a balanced life: leisure and recreation, community service, and quality of life,” said Spc. Nicole Mota, finance technician, 18th Financial Support Center, 1st TSC.

The program connects Soldiers with activities, special events, and opportunities to volunteer in the greater Fort Knox community while meeting others. It also provides an avenue to address Soldier quality of life at the installation.

The 1st TSC has the most single Soldiers involved in the BOSS program at Fort Knox with about 10 Soldiers who regularly participate. Mota is the unit’s president for the program.

Mota says she enjoys giving back to her community and she encourages other single Soldiers to join the program.

“Come volunteer; It will keep you out of trouble,” she said.

Introduction to BOSS is part of the installation’s in-processing, and interested Soldiers can simply show up at any event to become part of the organization.

“I met a representative from BOSS when I first arrived here about a year ago, and I told her that I am definitely going to volunteer and get involved,” Mota said.

True to her word, she did, and almost one year later, she volunteered to serve as the unit’s president.

In 2022, thus far, BOSS held a mock board for those preparing for promotion or competing for Soldier of the Month. They also volunteered to support Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland, which provides food to those in need throughout Kentucky. The next volunteer event is Feb. 24 (

In previous months, members participated in canvas painting, helped at the Fort Knox tree lighting ceremony, bowled, and hiked. They’ve also embraced winter participating in a 10,000 icicle steps event, a five-mile outdoor hike.

BOSS members partook in game nights, have attended yoga classes, and even held a mental health retreat where they stayed in cabins, made bonfires and learned healthy ways to battle mental health issues. Participants have also attended movie nights and visited aging Veterans in nursing homes. The group has also rock climbed together.

“If you are serving here alone, you can join BOSS,” Mota said.

Any single Soldier may participate in BOSS activities. It doesn’t matter what your rank is. Geographic bachelors are also encouraged to participate. If you are here without your family and you’re looking for activities in the area, BOSS may be a good opportunity for you.

“We are a group of Soldiers who share life experiences through common interests,” Mota added. “It's a way to keep focused on positive things.”

“So, get involved and create a family and support each other,” Mota said.

BOSS is funded by the installation. It’s free to join, but some events may require a minimal fee.