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1st Theater Sustainment Command

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1st TSC supports Month of the Military Child at Fort Knox's Kingsolver Elementary School

By Barbara Gersna | 1st TSC | April 26, 2021


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1st Theater Sustainment Command Soldiers, civilian employees and family members clapped and cheered for Kingsolver Elementary School students as they were dropped off for school April 23 at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Supporters were holding signs of encouragement to help recognize the military children who attend Kingsolver to celebrate April as the Month of the Military Child. Teachers and members of the school’s Parent Teacher Organization also wore purple shirts as a sign of support.

The school, which is located near 1st TSC headquarters, is sponsored by the 1st TSC and several Soldiers’ children attend the elementary school. Christina Tuner, secretary of the Parent Teacher Organization, reached out to coordinate the Soldier support for the event. She said they were excited about the number of Soldiers that turned out for the kids.

“This morning went off without a hitch,” Turner said. “Everyone was very excited and the kiddos absolutely loved it. The principal was thrilled with the support that you guys provided.”

Spc. Jacob McGee, maintenance mechanic, 1st TSC, has two children who attend Kingsolver Elementary School.

“My kids love it here,” he said. “They have integrated classes, and my son, who communicates using sign language, is in class with kids who speak and they all get to learn together.”

McGee said that this integrated approach is good for all of the kids and that the teachers are experienced and understanding.

“They teach that everyone is equal,” he said. “They are also great at pin pointing their needs, and focusing on those aspects of their education.”

“My daughter loves to read now.” McGee said that she even reads to her two-year-old brother and with him most nights before bedtime. He attributes her desire to read to her teachers at Kingsolver.

Sgt. 1st Class Ruta Alexander, equal opportunity leader, 1st TSC, has a daughter in second grade who attends Kingsolver. “She loves the school and her teachers,” she said. Alexander just relocated here and said that they’ve been very welcoming. She also said that the building is very nice, and they have new technology.

Parents who dropped off their children thanked those cheering and holding signs. “Thanks much for doing this. It means a lot,” one dad yelled back to a group of Soldiers. Students were smiling and some recorded their supporters as they rolled past the groups. A few dogs were even along for the morning drop-off. They hung out windows, tilted their heads, and barked.

The Month of the Military child was established to honor military children and their families for the sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome. This year’s theme is “Military Children and Youth: A Resilient Force in a Changing World.”