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MFO hosts Defense Attaches

By Maj. Kevin Andersen | Task Force Sinai | December 28, 2020


Personnel of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) hosted an orientation visit for the senior defense representatives of various nations Dec. 14 at North Camp near El Gorah, Egypt. 


The event provided an opportunity for troop and donor nations to visit with Soldiers and to learn more about the MFO’s core mission requirements to observe, verify, report and facilitate in compliance with the 1978 Camp David Accord agreement between Egypt and Israel.


Visits to the MFO have been curtailed for most of 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and this was the first opportunity for many of the representatives from 11 nations to view MFO operations firsthand.


“The camp orientation displayed the professionalism, capabilities and assets our allies and partners have at their disposal to protect our interests,” said U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Mark Gillette, senior defense official to the U.S. ambassador in Cairo.


With trust, credibility, and transparency being key components to the success of the overall mission, the MFO routinely hosts visits of defense attachés and other key staff from troop contributing and donor states. These visits tour numerous MFO locations throughout the Sinai region to demonstrate the work carried out by the MFO with the continued support of partner nations to better ensure longstanding peace between the treaty parties of Egypt and Israel.


“The MFO exemplifies how allies and partners work together to make a difference,” Gillette said. “Our collective efforts enable an enduring peace in the Sinai.”


The overarching theme of the visit was the high priority the MFO places on the safety and well-being of its personnel, with a focus on force protection measures in place at North Camp. The visit incorporated briefings by MFO personnel and static displays of multinational equipment.


Additionally, the MFO force commander, New Zealand Army Maj. Gen. Evan Williams gave a broad, strategic level briefing on recent accomplishments and a look ahead into planning and strategy for 2021. The day concluded with a guided tour of the security infrastructure and operational facilities throughout the base.


The visit by senior defense officials sets the stage for visits by troop-contributing and donor state ambassadors is scheduled to take place in early 2021.