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1st Theater Sustainment Command

News Stories

1st Theater Sustainment Command Traffic Safety Campaign

By Sgt. Nahjier Willams | 1st Theater Sustainment Command | May 14, 2019


The 1st Theater Sustainment Command partnered with the State of Kuwait to emplace several road safety signs in the vicinity of Camp Buehring in North Kuwait.

“There’s been a big increase in nontactical vehicle accidents along the route to Camp Buehring,” said Mic Eargle, 1st Theater Sustainment Command safety director.

We went to the Kuwaiti government and asked them to place speed limit and additional hazard signs along the route to ensure drivers are more aware of surroundings and speed limits, said Eargle.

“We have held two accident review boards following rollover accidents near Buehring and built a rapport with the host nation Kuwaiti government’s ministry of interior’s traffic division by pointing out areas of concern.”

The U.S. Army Area Support Group — Kuwait also requested additional improvements, which included filling potholes along alternate supply routes, adding additional speed bumps, and signs — including a stop sign at the intersection of a recent fatal accident.

While traveling to various locations to install traffic signs, the group stopped along the way to fix signs previously damaged by accidents and weather conditions.

“This was just on the side of the road so they added an extra sign,” said Sgt. 1st Class Al Gagow, 184th Sustainment Command civil affairs noncommissioned officer, referring to a speed limit sign found lying in the dirt.

The workers repaired two additional signs throughout the day, including a Camp Buehring firing range road sign found lying on the ground with its poles bent. 1TSC members assisted the workers to reconstruct the sign.

The team placed three speed limit signs, three speed bumps, and repaired three additional signs.
“It’s a good feeling seeing the results of what’s being put out there benefit others,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Hardigree, 184th Sustainment Command safety officer. 

"If it saves one person's life or cuts down on the chance of an accident, we’ve done our job.”