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1st Theater Sustainment Command

News Stories

Cooperation Through Mail

By Capt. Jerry Duong | 300th Sustainment Brigade | April 11, 2019


Agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division and Kuwait Criminal Investigation Division visited the Joint Military Mail Terminal (JMMT) at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, in March 2019. The visit afforded the agents the opportunity to learn and review the main inspection process.


The JMMT is operated by Soldiers from the U.S. Army Reserve's 300th Sustainment Brigade. The terminal processes mail coming in and out of every camp in Kuwait, and others, and serves as the focal point for all mail in the region. After processing, outgoing mail heads to Bahrain, the main mail hub for the Central Command area of operations, then on to the U.S. Incoming mail follows the same route in reverse.


“The intent of the visit is to establish a partnership between both forces in a joint effort to mitigate nonmailable, illegal items from the mail distribution channel in Kuwait,” said 1st Lt. Stephanie Parlamas, 328th Postal Platoon, who guided the visit. “The walk-through today allowed us to show our Kuwaiti allies the thorough inspection process that all incoming and outgoing mail goes through.”


“This is important because it prevents drugs and alcohol from reaching our troops and the Kuwaiti citizens. I feel that a thing like this allows the Kuwaiti government to check our processes to ensure we're doing our best to keep its citizens out of harm's way” said 1st Lt. Nigel Brown, 502d Human Resources Company executive officer.


“We take security measures very serious at the JMMT and our allies can see that first hand. This walk-through starts the foundation for future security improvements at the JMMT so we can eliminate all nonmailable and protect good relations with the Host Nation” said Parlamas.


The security measures taken at the JMMT is thorough, and each package that enters and leaves the mail terminal is examined. In the event a nonshippable item is found, the package is properly documented and investigated.


“I think it is important that we come together as one entity to mitigate nonmailable and especially illegal items from entering the mail distribution channel,” said Parlamas. “We have to remember that we are operating in another country so it is important that we respect their laws and work together to stop all nonmailable at the JMMT, before they ever make it to the Army post office.”


Brown said “they know a bit about our processes, and know that we're doing everything possible to keep these items from reaching its citizens.”


“Talk is cheap, so being able to actually walk our partner forces through the JMMT operation showed exactly what we do here,” echoed Parlamas.


The JMMT security measures demonstrate commitment to abide by Kuwait laws as well as U.S. postal regulations. The 300th Sustainment Brigade strives strengthen the relationship between the State of Kuwait and the United States.