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1st Theater Sustainment Command

News Stories

1st TSC Inducts Newest Members Into the NCO Corps

By Master Sgt. Jonathan Wiley | 1st Theater Sustainment Command | March 02, 2018


The 1st Theater Sustainment Command welcomed the organization's newest sergeants to the corps of noncommissioned officers during a ceremony March 2 at Haszard Theater.

Seven First Team members marched across the stage under the NCO arch and crossed sabers as a public that they have passed the threshold from Soldier to NCO.

Even though there are no official requirements to perform a ceremony to induct newly promoted NCOs into the corps, it is a time-honored tradition that the 1st TSC's senior enlisted members are determined to uphold, said Master Sgt. Jerome Simmons Jr., the ceremony's key organizer.
"We take this time to formally recognize and congratulate our newly promoted sergeants and give them something to hold onto as a foundation," Simmons said.
Sgt. Andy Scott, material control accounting NCO, support operations (SPO), 1st TSC, pinned on his sergeant stripes in November 2012 but was never formally recognized until now.
"The operational tempo and deployment cycle kept the units I was in from doing induction ceremonies," Scott said. "The last unit I was in just started to do them again, but I was in school and missed the opportunity."
Scott said it was a great honor to participate in the ceremony.
"Induction ceremonies build camaraderie between NCOs and are a visual representation for our younger Soldier of what they can aspire to," Scott said. "It gives them motivation and shows them what right looks like. This is an important part of our culture."
During the ceremony, guest speaker Command Sgt. Major Garrick Griffin, senior enlisted advisor for Fort Knox's garrison command, said that the transition from Soldier to NCO is the toughest one enlisted members go through.
"Yesterday, you were one of the boys and girls. Today, you have become them," he said." "What do I mean by that? Well, remember (those times) when you were in the motor pool and it was -2 degrees outside and you were putting drip pans underneath the vehicles? Someone asks, 'Why are we out here?' Someone else replies, they have us out here.' "
Griffin went on to explain that good NCOs must sometimes make unpopular decisions, but he encouraged the inductees to own them.
"I know you are beginning to find your way and are feeling the weight of the responsibilities you've inherited," he said. "That's normal. If you didn't feel that way I would question if we selected the right people."
Sgt. Angela Johnson, a 1st TSC inductee who was promoted Nov. 2017, agreed with Griffin.
"Going from Soldier to NCO is a hard transition," she said, "especially as a NCO who lives in the barracks."
She said as she redefines her relationship to her former peers she strives to be someone they can respect and trust.
"They don't always have to like me, but I want them to know at the end of the day I care about them and will take care of them," she said.
Griffin told the new NCOs that to be successful they should remain humble, seek self-improvement, and lead by example.
"Make sure your audio matches your video. You can say a lot of things but it’s what you do that's most important," he said.
Simmons echoed this advice and encouraged the junior NCOs to remember that it is no longer about them. As the NCO creed states, NCOs must always keep the accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of their Soldiers uppermost in their minds.
Simmons also said he hopes the new NCOs will keep the tradition of induction ceremonies alive.
"I want these NCOs to know that they won't be forgotten, and I want them to pass the traditions of this time-honored ceremony down. They now have been a part of one and know what it looks like and how it’s ran," he said.
The full list of inductees is as follows: Sgt. Patrick Clark; G-6, 1st TSC; Sgt. Angela Johnson, G-6, 1st TSC; Sgt. Raul Reyna Jr., G-6, 1st TSC; Sgt. Justin Robellard, 14th Human Resources Sustainment Center, 1st TSC; Sgt. Andy Scott, SPO, 1st TSC; Sgt. Carlos Vaughn, SPO, 1st TSC; and Sgt. Nahjier Williams, Public Affairs Office, 1st TSC.