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1st Theater Sustainment Command

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1st Theater Sustainment Command Redeploys the White Team

By Brent Thacker | 1st Theater Sustainment Command | June 20, 2018


Soldiers and civilians from the 1st Theater Sustainment Command returned home to a redeployment ceremony held at the Sadowski Center June 20.

They deployed to Kuwait in December and spent six months there, traveling to various countries in the Middle East, in support of their mission.

One of the returning Soldiers, Maj. William Fry, deputy chief of plans for the Strategic Operations and Plans (SOaP), returned from his second deployment with the SOaP team. He explained what his team did during their time there.

“During our time here we trained with Jordanian military, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia military and other coalition partners, and planned for a watercraft exercise,” said Fry. “We plan for six months ahead, knowing how to be logistically prepared in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result of our planning, we facilitated a reduction of forces in Iraq while maintaining capacities. The team also planned support for multiple missions across the theater, looking at defeat of ISIS, change of leadership in Iraq and how we continue to support the Iraqi government with the defense of their sovereign nation.”

Fry also described how this team, the White Team enjoyed multiple successes during his time in theater.

“The 1st TSC deploys its Soldiers in three teams, Red, White and Blue,” said Fry. “During the White Team deployment, we enhanced ammunition storage capacity, streamlined customs processing, increased force protection, decreased repair time for critical combat systems, and improved transportation contracts; saving millions of dollars. We also enabled the accelerated defeat of ISIS in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.”

Now home, Fry expressed his feelings towards seeing and spending time with his children.

“I can’t explain it. It’s wonderful,” said Fry. “My sons William Joseph and Elijah have all grown and changed so much in the time I have been gone. The same can be said for my two daughters Rebecca and Emily. My oldest son has graduated high school while my oldest daughter finished her sophomore year and my youngest daughter just completed kindergarten. I am ready to work with my little ones on T-ball and playing catch. Maybe this year when we go fishing I will be able to get a rod in the water between helping them get their bobbers in. My little ones definitely keep me busy, but I look forward to being able to spend time with them again.”

Fry’s wife, Lynn Fry, also remarked on having her husband return back home.

“I gave him a really big hug, told him that I love him, and I’m glad to have him back home safe and sound,” Lynn said.

Since 2006, the 1st TSC has been perpetually deployed to the 20-country, six-million-square mile where it conducts sustainment operations to ensure warfighters have the supplies and transportation capabilities they need to accomplish their missions.

Every six months, the command deploys a team of Soldiers to the region, which it designates the Red, White, or Blue team. This team, the White Team, replaced the Red Team. The Blue Team deployed to Central Command Area of Responsibility last month.

After the event, attendees petted and took photos of Cpl. John “Huck” Blackjack, the 1st TSC pony mule and official mascot.