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1st Theater Sustainment Command

1st TSC STB Command Team


Lt. Col. Julio J. Reyes
Battalion Commander

Command Sgt. Major Wesley W. Townsend
Battalion Command Sergeant Major



HHC Command Team

     First Sgt. Robert T. Brennan

Capt. Koty M. Caldwell
HHC Commander

First Sgt. Robert T. Brennan
 HHC First Sergeant



About 1st TSC STB


Special Troops Battalion (STB) enables 1st Theater Sustainment Command’s (1st TSC) execution of theater sustainment support for the Joint Force in the USCENTCOM area of responsibility (AOR).  On Order (O/O), they deploy and establish 1st TSC Command Posts facilitating mission command, internal administration, logistics support, and security for assigned, attached, and subordinate units. 


Building and empowering Leaders
Taking care of Soldiers and Families
Strengthening the Command Climate
Community Outreach  



Support USCENTCOM AOR operations
Conduct realistic and effective training to build unit readiness and cohesiveness
Be a community leader and participant

Commander's Intent and Expectations

Philosophy: A Ready, Adaptive, Professional, and Proficient Organization

  • Ready – Ability to fight, sustain, and meet the demands of assigned missions – NOW
  • Adaptive – Flexibility to develop awareness, create shared understanding, mitigate risk, appropriately act, and assess any situation 
  • Professional – Always exhibit a courteous, conscientious, and businesslike manner that instills trust and builds key relationships
  • Proficient – Challenge yourself to be well advanced in the art, occupation, and knowledge of joint operations, sustainment principles, and military leadership


  • People - The foundation of our priorities, focused on our Soldiers, Government Civilians, Contractors, Families & Friends; maturing our professional and personal relationships; and striving to improve ourselves every day. 
  • Readiness – Ensuring WE have a Full Operational Capability to “Fight Tonight;” physically, mentally, professionally, and personally; maintain our equipment and accountability; train for contingencies; and ensure the resiliency of our Families. 
  • Mission – Sustaining Joint Forces to meet USCENTCOM strategic objectives today; being adaptive to support tomorrow’s contingencies; and empowered with clear procedures for response to crisis.

Commander’s Intent: Provide the foundational leadership, resources, and training to directly enable the 1st TSC to ensure the freedom of action, operational reach, and prolonged endurance to accomplish its sustainment mission in USCENTCOM AOR. 

Key Tasks:

  • Enable the conduct of decentralized mission command
  • Plan and execute iterative training
  • Maintain all-inclusive readiness of our people and equipment
  • Develop subordinate units, teams, and individuals
  • Ensure accountability of our resources
  • Facilitate seamless deployment & redeployment operations
  • Care for our Soldiers & their Families
  • Shepherd relationships across the force, agencies, installations, and community
  • Recover and reconstitute our force
  • Optimize our processes and procedures
  • Posture to respond to contingencies and crisis

End-state: The STB wholly empowers 1st TSC to successfully accomplish its mission.


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